Restauracija starih objekata

Painting works are very important building works in the interior and exterior because the color can give the shape of a room as much as furniture or walls. . .

– Remove old paint and wallpaper
– Application of the substrate
– Glittering and painting
– Bandage cracks
– Decorative techniques
– Paste the wallpaper
– Setting up natural stone
– Adhesive and mesh reinforcement walls
– Styrofoam sticking
– Spinning
– Shaping processing
– Demit facade
– Installation of moldings
– Production of suspended ceilings
– Making partition walls
– Dry plastering
– Making shelves …

We have listed the main services we carry out every day, but the first thing is an agreement and a recommendation to make every project as high quality as possible.
After the agreement, we start with the basic protection of the floor and the furniture in the building. If we are multi-storey, we have a scaffold and a team of over 10 workers.
So we are always ready to do the job cleanly, quickly, and efficiently at a given time.