Plaster and profiles work

Creation of gypsum shelves has been increasingly applied in modern architecture. It can be made in almost innumerable variants and decorative lighting that is easy to mount raises aesthetics and elegance of space.
GIPS-KARTON [KNAUF, RIGIPS] dry construction systems, whether it’s a loft decoration, partition walls or suspended ceilings, are the ideal solution thanks to the flexibility of plaster.
We can perfectly shape the suspended ceiling and cascades that allow us to install lighting, whether it’s direct, discrete or indirect lighting.
The suspended ceilings are also the ideal solution when it is necessary to reduce the height of the ceilings and obscure the ventilation and electrical installations.
The interface of the partition wall is an ideal place for the installation of sound and thermal insulation, electrical, plumbing, computer and network installations.
NOTICE FOR COVERINGS: Before plastering plaster with cardboard plates, it is necessary to perform high-quality hydro and thermal insulation.
SUGAR MALTERIZATION or coating of gypsum wallboard walls, by direct adhesion to walls, is just another example of advantages in comparison to conventional plastering.
With this procedure we shorten the time of the works themselves.